Love the process

I’m just going to say it: Your dreams are not your dreams if you are not trying to make them a reality every single day.

It’s that simple.

I’ve been riding this wave of getting the backstory of people who have greatly influenced me in recent years. Leaders, influencers, authors, entrepreneurs, and innovators… the ones that are defying and defining the world every single day. I’m talking about people like Casey Neistat who is now trying to create the biggest conduit for YouTube creatives in New York City. I’m talking about Simon Sinek who is now about to release his next leadership book, The Infinite Game, this October. How about Elon Musk who is shaping the tech-landscape and changing how the world commutes on land, water, and in space.

You know what’s fascinating? None of them were overnight successes. But all we see is where they are now. You don’t know their origin story unless you seek it out. But the truth is, All of them had slow, frustrating beginnings but all of them stayed true to this one creed: Loving the process.

I am wondering if you see what I see when you witness today’s paragons for change and transformation. I see a culmination of everything that they have worked towards. I see every minute of every day in everything worthy of witnessing because truly good things take hours, thousands of hours.

There are only two paths: the straight, narrow (and long) path that gets you from this point in your life to where you truly want to go or the broad one that leads nowhere most of the time.

It’s frustrating to hear how many people talk about their dreams like its either knocking at their door tomorrow just waiting for them or its literally two or three lifetimes away.

One camp thinks it’s only a degree or job application away. They think it’s just going to happen. This is straight up entitlement. They talk about these amazing life goals, that dream job, or this ultimate payoff as a certainty or inevitability.

The other camp? They will never try because they believe that they will never get there. It’s because they are fearful of failure and risk. Their mentality is “better to have a tiny portion then lose it all.”

Very different mentalities yet both don’t care about the beginning or middle act, only the end result.

People who love the process don’t care about the end. They only care about the present and near-future. They love hustling, grinding, making mistakes, overcoming obstacles, and learning every single day. It’s their very life source; the process is the very air they breathe in life. They love getting better and better and better, one microscopic step after another. They are relentless. They are obsessed. They are inspired.

I ask a lot of people (mostly college students) what they want, what they’re passionate about. More than not, I get “I don’t really know.” And that’s OK. You’re in a good spot. Being honest, humble, and hungry is such a key thing as we try to figure things out.

But make sure that “I don’t know” doesn’t mean “I can’t” or “I don’t care.”

I want to inspire desperation in you. I want you to seize your life, keep track of everything that you do, and start figuring things out. I WANT you to know who you are. I want you to experience failure more than success because failure is what turns our brittle spirit into vibranium.

It’s not easy. You have to find it. You have to focus on it. And for a very long time, you have to dedicate yourself to it. The commitment is HUGE but the payoff is even bigger.

You have to love the process. You have to love practicing. You have to love the nuance more than the novelty.

If you stay true to yourself and your passion. Then, you can overcome things that many people never even attempt to overcome. You can silence the naysayers. You can gloat at the haters. You can overcome fear, doubt, shame, guilt, regret, and most of all, a wasted life.

What are you going to start working on today? Let today be Day One. Let today be the beginning of a new story arc.

Need some inspiration? Me too. Here’s one of my favorite videos:

Go and create something. After all, you’ve been created to.


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