I am life logging

I am on a mission to be more minimalistic in my life. So, I downloaded yesterday an app called Day One. It’s a life logbook app. I

It looks like this when you open the app:

I like it because it’s really simple and streamlined. Very stylish. The camera button adds a photo and the + adds a text entry. The buttons are big and accessible.

When you want to add a post, you come to this screen:

You can add pictures, locations, hashtags. And it is all organized into a calendar. It’s free but they have a premium service too but I don’t think I’ll need it.

I got the idea of keeping a life log from Austin Kleon’s book Steal Like An Artist.

He says,

Just as you need a chart of future events, you also need a chart of past events.

A logbook is like a journal but you only write a sentence or two max.

So far it has helped me to be mindful. How am I spending my time? Am I being intentional and deliberate about what I am trying to accomplish every day?

You might assume that keeping a logbook is counterproductive. I think it depends. If you’re purposeful, a logbook can aid you in bringing focus to your life.

The hard part is building the habit. I’m already noticing that my logbook keeps me on task but I think there could be more value there.

So far, I’ve been good at keeping 90% of what I do documented. I’m trying to get better.

I’m hoping that if I keep documenting, I’ll become better at time management, organization, writing, budgeting, resting, and taking care of myself.

Do you keep a logbook? How has that worked out for you?


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