Small habits over big goals

Someone once told me that day two is always harder than day one. Which means, for many of us, January 2 is the day of breaking our promises, goals, and resolutions.

Yesterday, we were full of hopes and dreams. But today, we have broken the hopes and dreams of countless fitness trainers, librarians, vegan chefs, and pastors.

And it’s because the second day is always a reality check. It sobers you to the loftiness of your goal. It reveals how motivated or how serious you really are about that goal. Maybe you are serious. Maybe you want it badly. But you realize now how much you have to sacrifice to get to where you want to be. So you’re tempted to give up, especially if you skipped day 2.

But before you queue up Bad Day by Daniel Powter, I have a suggestion.

Translate your big goal for 2018 into a small habit that you do every single day.

Take for instance, me. I want to write more than I have ever written in 2018. I want to blog about books, theology, and culture. I want to share life, and get to know more people every day through social media and community. I want to write 365 posts in 2018. That means I have to write 1 blog post every single day for a whole year.

So, will I succeed? I don’t know. Maybe there will be days I get sick. Maybe there will be days where I have to deal with life. But there’s my big goal.

But I am not focused on the 365 posts. I am not focused on the 250,000 words. I am only focused on one thing:

Write everyday. No matter how little time or energy. Write something every single day. It may suck. It may be brief. But WRITE!

That is my habit. Every single night, before I go to bed, I am going to write something, share it, and try to get better. This is my small habit.

So what is your big goal? And what is that one small habit you can focus on so that you can chip away at your big goal every single day?


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